🟣 Cylix (Sniper Bot)

Introduction to Phate & its utilities

Introduction to Cylix

Let's let Cylix introduce itself!

Why choose Cylix?

Apart from its extremely user-friendly UI aka frontend design, and apart from how configurable settings you can set for trades. We provide a bigger and much more friendlier percentage of shares to our holders, a whopping 70% redistribution from Cylix! Not only that, but we're also introducing a Referral System where you will not be required to hold more than 810,000 (810k) $FIRE to obtain your Referral bonuses which will be around 40-50%!
Going more in-depth, our buy transactions get submitted & confirmed within 4-11 seconds since the initial transaction, not only that, with Smart Slippage, we will observe & fetch information regarding the token to decide how much slippage should be used for the transaction to get through much quicker and you to not be left out whenever entering pumps.
There are much more specifics into this, which you would be able to figure it out going along with us throughout the usage of Cylix in of itself!